About Us

We arrived on a spring day in 1998

2 people very happy to have escaped the city, 2 bewildered cats, a (t)rusty Toyota bakkie, a much loved, but not to be relied upon old Landy, a well preserved 1967 caravan and a perfect mix of engineering, marketing and design skills.

What was to become Moon Shine was little more than an open field surrounded by forest. Within a week we had a long drop, a paraffin shower and a fire pit. Home!

Frequent trips to the car park at Look Out beach to collect water soon made us realise the value of collecting every drop that rolled off our caravan and tent canvas and to this day we harvest and use only rainwater at Moon Shine.

So began an incredible journey made possible by 2 parents who believed in us enough to give us the means to realise our wildest dreams. Add to this an incredible Opa, a constant stream of willing friends, a Madala from the Transkei and we had a workforce.

The years went rushing by. Our family grew and at last census, we recorded 4 dogs, 2 cats, 3 ducks, 1 rooster, 14 hens, 5 chicks, 2 bunnies and our 2 wonderful children Josephine and Isabella.

We acknowledge the heartfelt words our guests have expressed – from those who have fallen in love here, got engaged, enjoyed their honeymoons and later brought their kids, or those who have become friends whether passing through for one night or destined to return many times to the guests who simply choose to hide out in their cabin, we thank you for your praise and encouragement. 

Moon Shine is our home and our creation, inspiring others and being inspired ourselves as we continue on this incredible journey.

Like those who have sipped the rainwater, or bathed in its softness, woken to the sound of the monkeys thundering over the roof, watched the fireflies dance and Bushpigs on family outings, or counted shooting stars we invite you to come with a happy heart, leave only good vibes and take home some magical Moon Shine memories.